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Tapir Lodge


Located in the pristine Amazonian Rainforest of Ecuador within the Cuyabeno Reserve, Tapir Lodge is a distinct and one of a kind experience in the world. With its unique and comfortable accommodations, Tapir caters to guests who are looking to venture into the rainforest and be witness to some of the most amazing spectacles on earth.
This rainforest lodge will fill you with Flora and Fauna sightings, its hammocks will tempt you to take a “siesta” (nap in Spanish), the bar will entice you with tropical delights and traditional Ecuadorian meals served only with the freshest ingredients will keep you fit for any adventure.

Altitude: 217 meters (720 ft.) above sea level.

Capacity: 32 guests

1 Bungalow with 6 double rooms. Two of them can be converted into a triple room.

Tower one is 15 meters tall (49.2 feet) with 4 rooms, private balconies with hammocks and a spectacular view of the Amazon Rainforest.

Tower two is also 15 meters tall (49.2 feet) with 6 rooms, private balconies with hammocks. The 6 rooms in this tower can be converted into double, triple or quadruple rooms.

All rooms are outfitted with two twin size beds and insect nets.

All rooms have private bathrooms with hot running water.

Tapir Lodge will provide towels, biodegradable soap and shampoo.

All rooms are outfitted with water-containers providing our guests with purified water, safe for drinking and brushing your teeth.

All rooms have adequate and sufficient lighting, with electrical sockets throughout (110V AB type outlets) so that our guests may recharge their electrical devices.

Tapir facilities count with round the clock electricity (110-115 V), provided by Siemens solar panels and eco-friendly batteries.

Additional Facilities:

Dining room

Bar: Offering a variety of alcoholic, non-alcoholic beverages and delicious Fruit Cocktails.


Social and Reading Areas

Hammock Areas
Itinerary 4/5 Days


During the excursions, you will be escorted by a bilingual naturalist guide. Your guide will inform you about the following day’s activities on the night prior to, following dinner. Please note that your guide may adjust the itinerary due to weather conditions or guest requirements. On the first day of all our programs, you will be assigned life vests and rain ponchos; rubber boots will be supplied on the following day. This gear will be your responsibility throughout your stay and must be returned to a Tapir Lodge representative on the last day of the program. Please bring this gear with you when required and or advised by the guide. Even though the Cuyabeno River is quite serene, we remind and request all guests to wear their life vests at all times during the canoe excursions. Rubber boots must be used during all treks and we recommend you keep your rain gear with you at all times.


Meeting point is in the city of Lago Agrio. You can get their either by plane or bus. From Lago Agrio private transportation (pick-up trucks, four wheel drive vehicles or buses) will drive you (2 ½ - 3 hours) to “El Puente” (The Bridge), which is the entrance to the Cuyabeno Reserve. Throughout this drive you will have the opportunity to see beautiful landscapes created by the combination of rainforest, rivers and small towns; 60% of this road is paved and the following 40% is open road, this means that depending on the weather conditions, you could expect a dusty or muddy road. On “El Puente” you will enjoy your box lunch and continue your trip via motorized canoe (12mts. / 24 ft. long); the luggage will be covered with plastic for protection, to prevent it from getting wet in the event of rain. You will also be provided with rain ponchos and life vests. In this narrow river you will be able to admire some of the wide variety of flora and fauna the Cuyabeno Reserve has to offer. After about 2 ½ hours of navigating, you will arrive around dusk at the Tapir Lodge (05:00-06:00 PM). After dinner the guide will inform you of the next day’s activities, and the required gear. Overnight spent in the cosy lodge. L/D

After a good night’s slumber, your day begins with a delicious breakfast, then you will meet at the pier; depending on the size of the group, you may take the motorized canoe or the paddle canoe (small wooden canoe 5mts. / 15ft. in length) which the indigenous inhabitants use as their main source of transportations (called Quillas). These small yet stable vessels can accommodate up to four passengers and a guide. You will navigate upstream to “Laguna Grande” (Big Lagoon) enjoying a slow ride in order to observe the surrounding Flora and Fauna. Travel time should be about 30 minutes (paddle canoe 1 hour). Once you get there, you will appreciate this one of a kind Igapo or inundated forest. The Flora that can be found here is quite unique, with macrolobium trees abundant in numbers and ancient of age; these trees have adapted to the surrounding environment allowing them to grow straight out of the water. These majestic and antique trees create the perfect habitat for other plant life, such as Bromeliads, Orchids, Ferns and Cacti. Once completed your Igapo excursion, you will travel to "Terra Firme" and begin a trek on a path called Palma Roja “Red Palm”; this path was once part of a scientific research station belonging to the Catholic University. This will be your first encounter with primary rainforest, which is the habitat for many terrestrial mammals; such as Tapirs, Capibaras, Jaguars, Agoutis and many more species native to the rainforest. Before your trek begins, there will be brief explanation regarding basic ecology of the rainforest. The duration of this trek is close to 3 ½ hours and on the way you will come across a swampy area. There will be the opportunity to admire a variety of ancient trees, long Lianas and Giant Palms. Watch out for the many species of birds such as Woodpeckers, Tanagers, Macaws, and Toucans; and with luck you will also come across two or three species of Monkeys. After this trek, lunch will be served at the lodge , followed by a resting period of approximately 2 hours. During this time you will have the option to relax in a hammock to read or take a “Siesta” (Spanish for nap). After that you will again meet at the pier, and take the canoe to another area of “Laguna Grande”. At the lake you will navigate through the surrounding area looking out for birds and other animals. Depending on the weather, you may be able to admire a breathtaking sunset, and enjoy the symphonies of the surrounding rainforest until night fall. After dark we will look for animals on the shores of the lake and river with the aid of our flashlights. Typically, in very bright nights (full moon) the chance of finding caimans is minimal, however there are other animals that may be seen such as birds and tree snakes. Once the evening activities are concluded, you will return to Tapir around for dinner and after that, depending on the weather conditions, you can take a short night trek around the lodge looking for frogs and other night wanderers. Overnight spent at Tapir Lodge.

Depending on the weather conditions, you may have an early start and head out on a bird watching excursion. At about 06:00am you will take a canoe and navigate with the rivers current; relax while you admire all the flora and fauna found along the river and look out for exotic birds, native to this region. Ranging from Blue and Yellow Macaws, Scarlet Macaws, Blue Tailed Emeralds, Hoatzins, and Amazon King Fishers, just to name a few. Boasting with a bird list of more than 500 species; makes the Cuyabeno Reserve a privileged location for birding and a delight for birdwatchers. After returning to the Lodge, you will have breakfast and after that you will travel downstream, enjoying a 2 hour canoe ride while looking out for Morphos (Giant Blue Butterfly), Toucans, Macaws and with some luck observe monkeys, and enjoy excellent view of the surrounding rainforest. On your way you will pass the village of Puerto Bolivar of the Siona people. Having passed Puerto Bolivar, you will stop at a small settlement. Here you will have the opportunity to visit and meet Alberto the local Shaman, as well as his family. These natives belong to the Cofan ethnic group. Alberto spends part of his time curing and treating the local inhabitants with his vast knowledge of medicinal plants. The visit to this small settlement will also be your entry point for a trek into the rainforest. This part of the rainforest is the habitat of the tiny Ecuadorian Poison Frog. The trek will begin along the river bank where you will be greeted by marvellous ancient Kapok trees. Some of these magnificent specimens are at least 800 years old; the roots of these ancient marvels can grow as big as a small room. A path leads you through small creeks and at the end of the trek (2 hours approximately), you will arrive at Alberto’s backyard for a tasty box lunch. After lunch, Alberto will spend some time with us. This humble man carries within him more than 50 years of wisdom and knowledge regarding the rainforest and the use of medicinal plants. He will share his experiences with the rainforest, other shamans and the process of healing people with you. Interested guests can participate in a “healing” ceremony which will last about 40 minutes. There will be some free time to ask Alberto questions or simply take pictures of and with him. Handcrafts are available for purchase, all of them crafted out of materials provided by and obtained in the rainforest. After saying goodbye to Alberto and his family (about 03:00 PM) you navigate back to Puerto Bolivar where you will be greeted by a local Siona family, and take part in the preparation of Cassave Bread. The Yuca (Cassave) Root (Manihot Esculenta) has always been an essential food supply and perhaps the main source of carbohydrates for the indigenous communities of the rainforest. After gathering the Yuca (Cassave), it will be peeled and grinded into a paste; this “paste” is then pressed to eliminate the humidity and the starch. The remaining dried product will be cooked in a pan for a few minutes; obtaining a “pancake like bread” of neutral taste which you will be able to sample. You say goodbye to the village and navigate back to the lodge arriving just before dusk. Dinner will be served and after that spent at Tapir Lodge.
DAY 04 (only valid for the 5 day itinerary)
After breakfast on this day, you will have the option to chose your activities with the guide. Several options are available, ranging from bird watching, canoeing, fishing, or walking in the rainforest. According to the type of activity you choose, the day will be scheduled to fulfil your interest. Lunch will be served at Tapir Lodge. In the afternoon you can enjoy some leisure time and enjoy the sunset over the lake. After dinner enjoy a farewell Passion Fruit Cocktail, meet with the staff members and exchange questions and impressions. Overnight spent at Tapir.
DAY 05 (DAY 04 for the 4 Day Itinerary)
After breakfast you will have some free time to organize yourself before you depart from Tapir Lodge. Departure time is generally between 10:00am and 11:00am depending on flight times, river and road conditions as well as the guide’s decision. The staff will attend to the luggage and make sure it is all loaded onto the canoe. You will depart Tapir and make your way back to “El Puente”. Private transportation will be waiting for you and drive you back to Lago Agrio.

B: Breakfast / L: Lunch / D: Dinner


Contact Ecuador Travel Prices 2019 per person

4 days  5 days  7 days 
2 - 4 PAX  650.00 760.00 1062.00
5 - 11 PAX  550.00 877.00
Suite  650.00

Flight Quito-Lago Agrio-Quito USD 230.-

In the price included:
Private transportation Lago Agrio - Cuyabeno - Lago Agrio
Accommodation in double rooms
Canoe rides
Meals as mentioned in the program (B= breakfast; L= Lunch/Box Lunch; D= Dinner)
Water, coffee, tea
Daily excursion program
Naturalist bilinguals guide (English or German).
Rubber boots (only until size 44) and raincoats for the tour.

Not included in the price:
Tips and personal expenses
Everything that has not been included in the program
International flight airport tax Quito (USD 41.- per person)
Flight Quito – Lago Agrio – Quito
Travel insurance

NB: Please read all itineraries as a guide only. All routes and programs can change without notice due to National Park policies and regulations, weather conditions, seasonal changes, safety reasons and the wildlife encountered during the travel. Flexibility is the key to the success of any tour. Nevertheless the safety and the interest of our passengers is always our first priority.

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