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Traveling through Ecuador you can enjoy the impressive scenery and the fascinating cultures here at the equator. Make time to discover the diverse country, be immersed in extraordinary and ancient cultures that have survived the centuries whilst travelling through the Amazon basin and the Andean highlands. Experience fascinating cultural and adventure travel in the Andes; relaxing beach holidays on the sands of the pacific coast and trips into the mysterious verdant world of the Amazon rainforest. Our conscious way of traveling, respecting and benefiting local people and the environment during the travel allows you to win deeper insights in the local culture and nature and sometimes even friends on the other side of the globe.

Quito Travel

Quito is the capital of Ecuador that is located just 9.3 miles (25km) south of the equator line in the northern Andes of the small country. This is the perfect place to start your travel and explore the Andes, the rainforest and the coast of Ecuador. Choose from our travel packages below for group travel with fixed departures as well as for individual travel at your desired travel date. Gladly we also help you fulfill your dreams, leave everyday life behind, and organize your personalized adventure here on the equator according to your wishes – please feel free to contact us for an offer without any compromise.

Guayaquil Travel

Guayaquil is Ecuador’s largest city located on the banks of Rio Guayas near the Pacific coast is the financial, commercial and industrial centre of the country. From here you can explore the coast or travel up the Andean slopes and discover the nature and culture of the Andes. Crossing the Andes you descend into the tropical rainforest of Ecuador and experience yet a completely different habitat before you reach Quito, Ecuador’s capital, back in the Andes. Form here you can continue your travel down to the coast back to Guayaquil, explore the north of Ecuador or take an international flight.

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