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Ecuador offers a wide variety of fascinating tours in Ecuador all providing adventure experiences in the Andes and the Amazon Rainforest. Enjoy climbing active volcanoes like the infamous Cotopaxi, trekking through pristine national parks in the Andes, bike tours along the equator, horse riding in the shadow of glaciated mountain peaks and feel the adrenaline rafting down the Andean rivers through the cloud forests and the jungle. You can even participate in an expedition into the pristine regions of the Amazon and the Llanganates!

Biking Tours

Needless to say, in a mountainous country like Ecuador there is ample opportunity to practice mountain biking. Though most of the popular mountain biking tours are mainly downhill rides you can also find excellent tours for some serious cycling. All tours are accompanied by a 4x4 escort car and the quality bikes guarantee a relaxed and unforgettable biking experience here in Ecuador.

Climbing Tours

With 9 peaks standing over 5000m tall, Ecuador has long been considered one of the premiere mountain climbing destinations of the world. More and more adventurers come every year and scramble up and down Ecuador’s bodacious peaks. There are routes for climbers of all abilities and due to our careful organization and experienced competent mountain guides you can enjoy your secure climbing adventure and the spectacular views and concentrate on the summit. Salute the Mountains!


Our most adventurous tours are called expeditions because they lead you into the most remote areas of Ecuador far away from any civilization. These regions are rarely, some hardly ever visited and we recommend previous experience in long hiking tours. Usually you follow small trails through thick cloud forest or hot jungle, if there are trails at all. Sometimes there are immense differences in height to overcome and normally you spend the night in tents. In these areas the use of pack horses is often limited so that the equipment needs to be carried by porters. The participants of these expeditions must be physically and mentally very fit to adjust fast to the changing circumstances and be willing to work in a team. However, for these efforts you are rewarded with experiencing a unique animal- and plant world in landscapes that only very few people have the chance to discover. 

Horse Riding

Ecuador offers some great horseback riding opportunities, especially in the highlands. Enjoy riding through unique Andean landscapes like the crater of Pululahua volcano or the Cotopaxi National Park. Most rides are organized by Andean Haciendas throughout the highlands offering some fine horseback riding tours in the surrounding mountains. Trips range from a few hours to several days for both experienced and inexperienced riders.

Rafting Tours

Ecuador offers some great whitewater rafting west and east from the Andes. Aside from the adrenaline rush provided by crashing down a raging river, the views from the river are often spectacular, since river-running enables you to get to places in the cloud forest and jungle that often cannot be reached otherwise. With sections ranging from class II (easy) all the way up to class V (very difficult) these waters offer plenty of rafting and kayaking adventure trips all year round.

Trekking Tours

There is sometimes a very fine line between climbing and trekking, especially when trekking up to over 13123 ft (4000 meters) or even up a 16785 ft (5116m) high mountain like Iliniza Norte. Nevertheless, any keen enthusiast in good physical condition and properly acclimatized will surely enjoy hiking the high altitude treks of the Ecuadorian Andes. Stunning scenery is a guarantee no matter where you go, with snow-covered peaks and misty cloud forests setting the stage for hiking and wildlife watching.

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